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Predict: "I provide advanced methods of predicting a threat to a persons safety based on behavioural events, this is different from profiling, which is based on types of people". 

Prevent: "Many situations can be de-escalated by using the correct language when critical conversations present themselves. Saying the wrong thing at the wrong time can result in a violent response or harbour resentment that re-emerges in later confrontations".

Protect: "The use of force is a last resort to protect yourself or others and is a result of failed early strategies or lack of information at the time. My approach is simple, highly effective, easy to remember and ethically sound when dealing with a child or adult".

Author of: 

"The School Leaders Guide to Positive Handling"

The school leaders guide to Positive Handling is a concise guide to managing classroom disruptions.  

This book is a simple guidance to a complex issue and is an essential addition to any school leaders reading resource.  


Benefits on having your training with us:

Any leader of an organisation is required to be aware of any potential danger that poses a threat to the safety and the well-being of their school staff. At the same time, management should also ensure staff are adequately trained to assess and manage an individual or a situation that can lead to aggression.  

  • More Control of how your staff are trained.
  • Saves On Budget cheaper than other programmes. 
  • Highly Responsive with latest legislation.  

About Tom Aitken

Thomas is one of the UK's leading teacher safety experts, he provides advice and guidance to schools on violence, risk reduction, critical incident predictions, Positive Handling strategies and teacher personal safety. He has worked within education and with young children for over 20 years. In roles as diverse as Published Author, Qualification Writer and Director of an OFQUAL Regulated Awarding body.  

As a Trained Expert Witness through Bond Solon legal training company, he can bring your school unique experience and insight to addressing violent behaviour in schools. Thomas and his team currently engage with over 700 schools across the UK, helping to protect staff and pupils.

Tom Aitken

National Positive Handling Coach

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